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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a Transmission Retreat?

Transmission retreats are a great opportunity to step away from the day-to-day stress we face as trans masculine folks. We provide a safe environment so you can let down your guard and learn, laugh, and connect with other trans masculine people in a beautiful private setting.

Retreats include workshops, outdoor activities, Community Circles and time to hang out. We currently hold these at Saratoga Springs, where there are cabins, showers, camping, a dinning hall, and indoor and outdoor community spaces. There is also a pool and hot tub. 

To ensure that everyone feels safe, comfortable, and present, the retreat is drug-free and alcohol-free. Smoking/vaping will be permitted in designated areas only. Marijuana is also permitted in designated smoking spaces but only as needed for health. We won't ask anyone to justify their medical reason for using marijuana, but please follow the honor system and do not offer it to others recreationally.

What are you doing to make Transmission more inclusive and safe for People of Color?

Transmission was founded by two well intentioned white trans men, and as a predictable result, had structural characteristics of white supremacy culture. In 2018, a BIPOC-majority leadership team took over the leadership of Transmission, and instituted a number of practices that helped make Transmission be a safer place for BIPOC:

  • There are still white people involved in leadership, but Transmission will never again happen without BIPOC leadership.

  • BIPOC only space will always be available, including BIPOC only pool times

  • Transmission retreats aim for at least 50% BIPOC attendees, but will not happen with less than 40% BIPOC attendees.

  • The majority of financial scholarships go to BIPOC attendees

  • Due to the racist history of major medical research companies, particularly Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, and extensive medical abuse against People of Color, there will not be a vaccination mandate. Instead, there will be strict masking rules indoors, especially at the lunch line, and multiple negative COVID tests required before attendance. While it isn’t a requirement, we still fully endorse the COVID-19 vaccines, know them to be extremely safe, and highly recommend getting vaccinated. 

  • White attendees are asked to describe their understanding of racism within and beyond the trans community when registering and are vetted based on their responses.

  • All attendees agree to anti-racist community guidelines and agree to speak with leadership if they cause harm, even inadvertent, to another attendee. Depending on the severity of the offense, they may be asked to not return.

We acknowledge that there will still be harm done. The leadership team asks that if you experience harm, you let someone know in whatever way feels safest to you, and we will do our best to minimize further harm. If you cause harm, remember impact is different then intent. Apologize without explaining yourself and allow the person space to heal if needed.

How ADA accessible is the retreat center and what accessibility tools are available?

The retreat is at Saratoga Springs Retreat Center. The heart lodge and dining hall are close together and have entrances at ground level. The pathways are unpaved gravel that is well maintained, without potholes, flat and with a slight overall incline. There is one cabin with a ramp that may be accessible for some with limited mobility. There are also individual cabins but they do not have ramps. There is air conditioning in the main buildings and some of the lodging. There is a hot tub and pool. There are bathrooms accessible at ground level, but they are not fully ADA. We will be providing a sound system this year. This site cannot meet all needs and if yours are not covered here please contact us at 

Please let us know if you have any questions about accommodations and access needs for this retreat. If you have a disability and need an additional scholarship to be able to attend please let us know what you need and we can try and meet you there.

Email Transmission

Is Transmission really a sober event or are you just saying that for legal purposes?

Transmission really is a sober event and it's very important that you help us keep it that way.

Unfortunately, trans folks disproportionately struggle with substance use disorders due to the overwhelming violence and social exclusion directed towards us. Many in our community are in a tentative recovery that can be accidentally sabotaged by well-meaning community members. Please do not try to sneak substances in for recreational purposes and jeopardize a fellow community member's recovery.

Do I belong at Transmission?

This is a largely personal question that only you can answer. Transmission is currently for those of us who are AFAB or intersex who are exploring gender outside of the one we were assigned at birth. That includes trans men, trans masculine people, nonbinary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and questioning individuals.

Transmission began as a trans retreat for trans men, but we feel that's too restrictive to the reality that gender is a spectrum. We have considered opening the community to trans women as well, however there are other retreats that are fully trans inclusive and we would like to hold space for the often over looked trans masculinity. As for gender expression, some community members prefer baseball caps and dad shorts. Some prefer glitter and skirts. All gender expression is welcome and encouraged. Please come and be yourself without worry for the pressure to act or be a certain way. 

You don't need to know if you're trans to come. In fact if you're questioning and discover that you're cis by coming to the retreat, that's a successful exploration of the self and to be celebrated! Your journey exploring your gender needs to be free of others' expectations. 

Transmission retreats are not for binary, cis allies, though we do occasionally have informal gatherings where friends and family and welcome!

What are your COVID-19 precautions?

  • Attendees will be required to test within five days of the retreat with either by PCR or with an at-home antigen COVID-19 test and have a negative result.

  • Attendees will also be required to bring an at-home test with them and have a negative test result at registration. If you carpooled and anyone in your carpool tests positive, you will unfortunately be asked to leave even if you test negative as you have been recently exposed. 

  • Masks are required in common areas indoors unless eating or drinking. Masking at the buffet line will be especially strict to prevent any contamination of food. 

  • Masks and hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the facility. 

  • Vaccines are not mandatory due to issues of systemic racism as described in the FAQ "What are you doing to make Transmission more inclusive and safe for People of Color?" but they are highly encouraged. If you have questions or concerns about the vaccine and would like to talk to a medical professional, please feel free to reach out by email to and we'll be happy to arrange a meeting with Felix who is a Registered Nurse. He will be non-judgemental, whatever you decide, and answer any questions you have with unbiased scientific information.

What is a Community Circle?

A community circle is an opportunity to sit together with the intention of becoming more present, heart directed, and connected. Participants are invited (but not required) to reveal their joys, fears, pain, or hopes in a confidential environment while the circle listens supportively without intervening. Experiencing a community circle is both deeply personal and profoundly collective.

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