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About Transmission

Transmission is a retreat for adult (18+) trans masculine and gender diverse people to explore our identities and connect with community in a safer environment. Most of our retreats are held in the beautiful woods of Northern California and many past attendees describe Transmission as a transformative and spiritual experience. For many of us, it is the only time when we are around so many other trans people and we're finally free of intense social pressure to be our assigned gender at birth. There is no obligation to fulfill any gender norms; you are worthy of celebration just as you are. 

Transmission retreats happen at a facility center and include enough cabins for all participants, a dinning hall, a main lodge, showers, a pool, and a hot tub! Air conditioning is scarce and California summers can get hot! Don't forget the sunscreen!

When we host a retreat, we rent the entire facility and so there is no concern of encountering other guests. There are some cisgender facility managers and chefs, but they are well known to us, supportive, and are respectful of retreat goers' privacy.  Transmission Retreats are sober events, though there will be a designated smoking area for medical marijuana. There is also a separate smoking area for nicotine. 

The retreat center is entirely clothing optional, however clothing optional times will be somewhat limited throughout the retreat. There will be clothing optional pool times and open opportunities for a naked hike in the woods, however we ask that people be clothed in communal areas and during non-clothing optional pool times. This only pertains to bottoms. Tops, regardless of chest appearance or surgical history, are always clothing optional. 

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